Video Analytics and its Applications

Video analytics and its applications

Video Analytics has gradually made its way and is now the game-changer in the market of the surveillance system. The software solution is known for its diverse application which fits the needs of various industries.

Our previous blog, An Introduction to Video Analytics, provided an insight into the topic. This blog will focus on the diverse features and applications of the Video Analytics Solution in various industries/businesses.

The following are some of the salient features which make video analytics employable in various business sectors.

  1. Motion Detection:

The software can detect even the slightest movement by examining each pixel in the frame. Motion detection feature can also save power.

  1. Egomotion Estimation:

It is the 3D motion of the camera within an environment. It can estimate the relative motion of an object with respect to a stationary/rigid scene.

  1. Pattern Recognition:

Video Analytics can distinguish objects within a video frame. The software can be programmed to recognise specific objects/patterns. If any change happens, the software senses it and sends out an alert.

  1. Intrusion Detection:

This feature detects objects crossing a virtual line and triggers an alarm accordingly.

  1. Facial Recognition:

Pre-recorded footages can sort by date and time and be searched for specific faces. The smart search feature facilitates faster forensic searching.

  1. Footfall Estimation:

The application can count/measure the flow of people at specified points and generate real-time reports. It can also create a heat map based on the density of people in an area.


Video analytics solution can be put to use in different ways to suit any business need. The following are some of the industries benefitted by them.

  1. Security:

Properties can be secured by implementing video analytics as a part of security point monitoring system. People entering restricted areas during a defined time frame can be easily detected and stopped. Using the software in home automation can detect flame and smoke. It can also detect camera tampering.


  1. Public Safety:

Law enforcement can be done with ease by smartly deploying the software in the surveillance system while planning the city infrastructure. Objects abandoned in public places can be easily detected. Popular attractions can use the software for line management and automatically detecting incidents.


  1. Crowd management in Retail Stores:

Video analytic software supplements an effective business process in many ways. The solution can be used for footfall counting, dwell time monitoring, shelf space optimisation. It can also recognise long lines at checkout and send alerts.


  1. Traffic Management:

Video analytics can be used to monitor vehicle patterns, violations of traffic laws, license plate reading or crowds blocking traffic.

Other sectors which have deployed video analytics solution include education, transportation, casino, financial institutions, concerts etc.,

Implementation of Video Analytics technology include sensors, cameras, image compression and connectivity techniques. The software works best with high-resolution footage. Hence the surveillance cameras should be high definition.

Video Analytics is a reliable and easy to use application. Incorporating the software in the surveillance system can make it smarter, efficient and help you gain full merit of the surveillance system.

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