Electronic Security Surveillance Systems – Are they at risk?


In today’s security sensitive world, the number of threats and attacks is increasing and evolving. This translates to a need for real-time analysis and response so that we can mitigate and prevent some of the incidents from occurring. One way is by leveraging Electronic Security Surveillance systems.

The word surveillance is derived from a French phrase which means to watch over (sur means “from above” and veiller means “to watch”). A video surveillance setup includes cameras that can keep watch over a business or home. It can also store all of the videos which can be reviewed later.

Equipment like CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television) facilitate monitoring activities to manage or protect people and facilities. Nowadays, they also give you the ability to check your video feed remotely via smartphones and tablets.

Increase in demand for advanced IP (internet protocol) cameras

IP cameras offer better resolution and a wider field of vision than traditional ones. Moreover, digital surveillance systems which incorporate IP cameras, feature analytics and remote monitoring capabilities. Unsurprisingly companies,homeowners, businesses and governments gravitate towards such advanced security solutions. Hence, surveillance systems from traditional to cloud-managed setups are increasingly internet connected.

Video surveillance systems should protect you from risk, not expose you to it!

Like any other internet-connected device, surveillance systems can be vulnerable to attacks without the right cyber-security measures in place. Hackers can easily gain access to poorly configured devices with design flaws or faulty firmware and manipulate or steal data. With cyber-attacks accelerating, surveillance systems need to be protected from vulnerabilities, and require the same vigilance provided to IT systems.

Tips on how to prevent Cyber Threats

  • Purchase your equipment from a reliable source that offers excellent technical support
  • Don’t compromise on the security features for a lower product price
  • Change the default settings with unique usernames (not “admin”) and, long & strong passwords
  • Make sure you receive firmware notifications, OS updates and security patches, and also to administer the updates regularly
  • Ensure any video data transmitted over the internet is SSL encrypted
  • You can place your video surveillance system on a dedicated network (separate from the main network) so that even in an unfortunate situation it doesn’t give the hacker the access to others systems on the main network
  • Place the video recorders and servers in an area with strict access control technology

Whether it’s for your business or house, you need to take time to consider installing a surveillance system to enhance the overall safety of the place and the assets. While evaluating the security solution, you should not only look at the cost but also pay attention to factors like the number of cameras, location of the cameras, resolution and clarity of video.

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