Prysm’s breakthrough in LPD Technology with its LPD 6K series


We are familiar with the interactivity provided by smartphones and tablets. As users, we want to experience the same ‘touch and action’ capability on large screens used in public venues or conference rooms.

Prysm, a Silicon Valley-headquartered company is taking the market by storm with its best-in-class display solutions. Its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology provides an intuitive interface which gives users the flexibility to touch the display and to make selections. Considering it can eliminate the need for a maneuvering accessory like a keyboard or mouse, it saves space and eases user-interactions and transactions to a great extent.


Top-notch visual collaboration software enhances the presentation and unmatched experience on Prysm’s LPD 6K

The LPD 6K provides an immersive experience with its brilliant resolution and high contrast. It brings together all of your content, tools, and applications on a single digital screen. You can experience an excellent and consistent picture quality with its intelligent light engines and a screen resolution of up to 6K × 2K. It is currently available in 190” (6K) and 135” (4K) configurations.

LPD 6k offers –

  • Wide viewing angle (178°) with a contrast ratio of 1000000: 1; can reproduce over 1 billion discrete colors
  • Scratch-resistant display with a polycarbonate surface which can be rolled into a cylinder for convenient transport
  • Bezel-free viewing with more than 32 simultaneous touch points
  • Interactivity options like touch, gesture, and mobile devices
  • Unique design that provides access to all Prysm equipment from the front unlike traditional back service displays
  • No additional cooling infrastructure is required, plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Uses less power than a commercial coffee maker, and up to 20% less energy than competing technologies
  • Long shelf-life of 60,000 hours (7 years, operating 24/7)

Redefine your workspace

From boardrooms to lobbies, to private theaters, to customer briefing centers, to command and control areas, you can outfit your room with Prysm displays which can be customized to fit any space.

Engage your customers with interactive experiences that can bring your brand to life, or impress your audience with immersive, life-like images and videos. Organizations around the globe are upgrading their existing displays with Prysm software to turn passive meetings into productive sessions.

The Michigan State University uses Prysm’s digital workplace in graduate-level coursework. Dr. Douglas Hartman, a professor of technology and human learning says, “The first time I saw what was possible with a Prysm display, I just about fell off my chair. I couldn’t believe that I could pull together so many different media sources into one space and then organize them, so they are usable.”

Prysm displays offer unmatched value and performance across their product offerings, and they meet customers’ exacting standards.

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