Improved Network Performance is the Key to Business Growth

network performance

The health of a company is in no doubt related to the efficiency of the technology in place. To the extent that 70% of the executive level decision-makers admit that improved visibility into network performance is the key to business growth. According to Riverbed’s latest report, 86% of C-suite and IT and 87% of business decision-makers think digital performance is of high demand for the success of a business.

Slow-running systems have a direct impact on business growth

The core of digital performance lies in the effectiveness of the network infrastructure. Often, network infrastructures are neither implemented well nor well maintained. A significant group of people who took the survey disclosed the feeling of frustration regarding their network performance. This concludes that slow running systems directly impact productivity, innovation and thus, the growth of the business.

Businesses need to have advanced technology in place to succeed in the ever-growing industry. In the current scenario, one in three ITDMs don’t have complete visibility over their network infrastructure. Competitive advantage comes from an optimized network design, which leads to maximized user experience.


Technology must grow with business priorities and challenges

From Riverbed’s survey, 95% of respondents admitted that innovation is essential to the success of any business. Investing in technology is vital, and IT infrastructure must advance ultimately to support all the ways of doing business in any given situation. 80% of BDMs and 77% of the C-suite experts completely believe in this. Thus, for future-proofing, a business, the decision-makers of a company must take action to have a good network infrastructure in place.


Rethink the possibility and grow with the experience

80% of the decision-makers among the respondents of Riverbed’s survey think companies must rethink and be prepared to survive in this unpredictable world. Technology can facilitate the solutions, and so all the leaders must join in embracing the right solution to improve network performance and gain increased visibility. In the competitive business world, companies must stand out from their competitors. Ensure your business is the one that stands firm.


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