In today’s security sensitive world, the number of threats and attacks is increasing and evolving. This translates to a need for real-time analysis and response so that we can mitigate and prevent some of the incidents from occurring. One way is by leveraging Surveillance systems. The word surveillance is derived from
Prysm’s LPD 6K series offers the world’s largest, interactive single panel displays We are familiar with the interactivity provided by smartphones and tablets. As users, we want to experience the same ‘touch and action’ capability on large screens used in public venues or conference rooms. Prysm, a Silicon Valley-headquartered company
  We live in a world that thrives on the internet and therefore network protection is no longer optional. Cyber-attacks have become an international concern and these hacks and security attacks can endanger the global economy. These attacks could damage your business permanently, so security needs to be a top
‘Ransomware’ is a malware that can lock all the data/ files in your computer. Once the malware is activated, it blocks the entire operating system and launches an alert with the ransom to be paid to restore all information. The demand is usually made in virtual currency – Bitcoins. Ransomware
  Delegation is the act of assigning responsibility or a task to another person. A good leader knows how to delegate well. Delegating well helps save time, and also increases the productivity, competency, and confidence of the team. It can also build a sense of trust and help the team