10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Biometrics!

10 ways your business can benefit from Biometrics


Biometrics is the assessment and statistical analysis of, people’s unique physical and behavioural characteristics. Read more about Biometrics in our previous blog, What is Biometrics?


For a long time, Biometrics has been thought of as the upcoming solution for effectively controlling access to systems and networks. However, it was often perceived to be expensive and invasive. As a result, its adoption was slower than it could have been. Against all the odds, Biometrics in its various forms has made inroads into the markets and is making its way into corporate security strategies.


Besides being widely used for authentication, implementing Biometrics can benefit a business in a lot of ways. Mentioned below are a few ways to effectively utilise Biometric solutions.


1. Know Your Customers (KYC)
The key to improving a business is by personalizing products and services. It can be done efficiently by knowing the customer’s previous records and behaviour. Employing Biometric technology can help to efficiently track and analyse every customers’ behaviour. Knowing your customers can also help in improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


2. Accountability
Biometric technology can facilitate businesses to create a clear and definable audit trail of transactions. Management can also be monitored along with general employees. This drastically reduces the risk of security breaches.


3. Time & Attendance
Using time efficiently is crucial for any business. Time and attendance software can be integrated with biometric technology to track employee hours and increase payroll efficiency. It eliminates manual processes associated with timesheets. This can result in the rise of accountability, reduce payroll error, boost productivity and save company’s time spent in fixing inaccurate data and errors.


4. Eliminate Time Theft & Buddy Punching
Time theft can occur quite easily and frequently when manual processes are used in monitoring. Employees might take longer breaks, fake their arrival and departure times, ask a fellow employee to clock for them, etc. Biometric technology eliminates such fraudulent activities and provides an uncompromised report. Eliminating time theft is an essential step in increasing productivity and saving money.


5. Employee Management
Many organisations need to maintain accurate workforce data to comply with their internal and external policies. Such organisations can use a biometric-based workforce management solution to maintain demographic data accurately. It can also be used to segregate employees based on their skill and facilitate shift management.

Learn more about how biometrics can benefit your business in our upcoming blog.

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